The Isolation Booth
A Tribute Web Site to Hugh Hood

At long last, here are the collected photos of Hugh Hood from his Dust Jackets.  After 15 years of collecting his novels and short story collections, I have finally assembled a photographic montage on this web site for you - aren't you lucky!  These photos of Hugh Hood were taken from the various books of his and also some that were in John Metcalf's recent book An Aesthetic Underground: A Literary Memoir.  I  noted the photographer for each photo as listed, and the book where it appeared.  I could not leave out a nice photo of the legendary photographer Sam Tata who took the majority of these photos.  His photo appears at the bottom of the page.

It is interesting (at least to me) that as we see Hood through the years, he dramatically sports a different hair style.  From conservative to mod back to conservative.  By conservative, I mean the classic 'parted-on-the-side doo' of his later years.  My favorite mod photo is from the government tourism piece from Central Canada: A Vacationer's View of Ontario and Quebec by Al Purdy and Hugh Hood.  He looks like a beat poet or one of the Beatles, don't you think?  In some of the other photos he appears to look like Clark Kent of Superman comicdom - never without his glasses.  Yet, there is one rare photo of him without his glasses on the DJ of Black and White Keys, published by ECW press.  My other favourite photo is the first one that appeared on the rear cover of The Isolation Booth The Collected Short Stories: III.  Although, I cropped the photo here, in the original the young Hood proudly holds up the $28 cheque as payment from the Tamarack Review for his first ever sold piece of writing in 1958.  What a moment in any young writer's life.

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1991- The Isolation Booth: III (Noreen Mallory?) | 1971 - Central Canada: A Vacationer's View | 1971- The Fruit Man, The Meat Man & The Manager (Soft Cover) | 1962- Flying a Red Kite (Hard Cover)

1982- Black and White Keys | 1976- Around the Mountain (Paper Back) (Sam Tata) | 1967- Around the Mountain (Hard Cover) (Sam Tata) | 2000 - Near Water (Noreen Mallory)

1964- White Figure, White Ground (Hard Cover) | 2003 Canadian Odyssey (Soft Cover) (Sam Tata) | 1967- The Camera Always Lies (Sam Tata) | 1970- Stremgth Down the Centre (Sam Tata)

1971- One of the Montreal Story Tellers (Sam Tata) | 1975 @ Selwyn House, Montreal (John Metcalf) | n.d. (Jack Chiang) / John Metcalf | Toronto ca. 1994 (Bookmark photo)

1973- White Figure, White Ground (PB) (Sam Tata) | 1970- A Game of Touch (un-credited artwork?) | 1991- Sam Tata, photographer (Michelline Rochette) from Metcalf's Literary Memoir


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